Qualified Facility Attestation


To attest that your business meets the definition of a “qualified facility” and is subject to modified requirements of the Preventive Controls for Human Food Rule, please complete the following information.

Filing an attestation

Register-FDA will file on your behalf to attest to the facility’s status as a qualified facility and attest that it is controlling potential hazards associated with its food or complying with applicable non-federal food safety laws and regulations. As result, your Qualified facility is exempt from the hazard analysis and risk-based preventive controls.

Register-FDA service includes:

  1. REVIEW of your annual sales and market value of food manufactured, processed, packed, or held without sale for each of the three prior years. We will adjust annual sales and market value for each year for inflation and calculate the inflation-adjusted average annual sales and market value.
  2. FILE electronically Form FDA 3942a for facilities subject to the PC Human Food rule.
  3. MAINTAIN your application and update any changes to the data on your registration. Register-FDA updates your application at no cost.