US Agent for Food Facility


To assign Register-FDA (Batavia Solutions, Inc.) as your US agent and register your food facility, please complete the following information.

20% off all orders with a quantity of 2 or more. You will see the discount on the checkout page.

This service requires filling out Form – B: US Agent for Food Facility




  1. FDA CONTACT: Register-FDA serves as the communication link between FDA and your foreign facility, so that FDA can contact us for routine matters and when an emergency occurs. This means that we are accessible to FDA 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  2. INSPECTION NOTIFICATION: Register-FDA will assist you when you are notified of an FDA inspection and help with communication between your company and the FDA.
  3. CUSTOMS CLEARANCE: Register-FDA will communicate with your customs broker and freight forwarder on your behalf to provide information about your FDA registration.
  4. REGISTRATION UPDATES: Any changes to the data on your registration must be submitted to FDA within 60 days. Register-FDA updates your registration at no cost.
  5. PRIOR NOTICE: A Prior Notice submission must be filed with FDA prior to each shipment of food to the United States. Register-FDA can instruct your customs broker on the Prior Notice filing requirements.