The Challenge
Supremo is a trading company, who acts as a link between the coffee exporters and the roasting industry. They have a worldwide network of partnerships in coffee producing countries.

As part of their expanding market, Starbucks Switzerland tested and approved their coffees and asked Supremo to start shipping coffee to Starbucks in USA. Supremo wanted the business, but didn’t know how to comply with all the FDA rules and they didn’t have a U.S. Agent.

The Solution
After they contacted register-FDA we prepared a plan that to would allow Supremo to ship coffee without interruption to the USA. First, we assigned register-FDA as their U.S. Agent. Then, we identified all the coffee producers and warehouses in Africa that needed to be registered. These facilities were located in countries like Rwanda, Kenya, Burundi and Tanzania. For all the FDA registrations, we appointed Supremo in Belgium as the administrative contact to keep oversight of all the registrations. Finally, we coached their Traffic Department on how to prepare Prior Notices for all their shipments in house.

The process resulted in a streamlined export process that complies with all the FDA rules at the lowest cost possible for all their suppliers.

supremo logo“At first we didn’t know how to deal with all the FDA regulations and we were very grateful with all the support we received from register-FDA”

Over the past years, we have served a variety of food exporters including:

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